Calendar - Deans MDF

Calendar of Administrative Activities: Deans, Multi-Departmental Faculties


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Forward recommendations for promotion to Senior Lecturer to Provost's Office by October 31.



Approve membership of tenure committees and assign a Dean's representative on each committee.

Send formal notification to the Provost's Office of the candidates to be considered for tenure in the current cycle.


Leaves Departmental research and study leave requests should be submitted to Dean's Office by early November.
Promotions Establish Decanal Promotions Committee.



Responses in principle should be given to Chairs whose recommendations for Research and Study Leaves in the following year have been approved.

Forward recommendations for Research and Study Leaves to Provost's Office by end of December.


Promotions Deadline for receipt of promotion dossiers in the Dean's Office.


Searches Obtain Provost's approval to search for tenure-stream or full-time Lecturer positions. Approve composition of search committees. Assign Decanal Assessor to each committee.


Tenure Deadline for receipt of tenure dossiers. Send completed tenure dossiers to the Provost's Office by mid April.
Salary Increases

Chairs' updated C.V.s, Annual Activity Reports and Paid Activities Reports should be forwarded to the Dean during this month.

Information on the 5% merit pool sent to Chairs and Directors including the deadline for submission.


Salary Increases

Review Annual Activity Reports and C.V.s for Chairs. Confirm the PTR evaluation system in preparation for PTR allocation effective the following July 1.

Submit Annual Activity Report and Paid Activity Report to the Provost by May 23.

Chairs and Directors should submit 5% merit pool allocation recommendations.

Inform Chairs and Directors of merit allocations by June 30.

July 1 Salary Increase Instructions for academic staff are normally sent out this month by the Provost's Office.

Accountability Reports Distribute Accountability Reports to be completed by Chairs, Principal Investigators, Administrative Managers and Business Officers. These should be returned by June 30.


Salary Increases

Finalize PTR recommendations and submit to Provost's Office with histograms for approval.

Prepare performance review/PTR letters for academic staff. Wait for notification from the Provost's Office before sending PTR/salary increase letters.

Professor Emeritus Forward names to the Provost's Office of Full Professors who have retired or are due to retire as of July 1 who wish to have Professor Emeritus status.
Accountability Reports Complete Dean's Accountability Report and send to the Provost's Office by June 30.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Send written notification to candidates due to be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer that their promotional review will take place.


Salary Increases Once notification has been received from the Provost's Office that salary increases and histograms have been approved, notify Chairs that all salary increase letters should be distributed.