Getting Started: Accessing UTORecruit

Technical Requirements

Requesting Access

Logging in to UTORecruit


Technical Requirements

Before you begin, please ensure your computer meets the technical specification below.  If you require assistance contact your local IT support.

Minimum System Requirements


1024 X 768 resolution or greater


350 MB or more available memory


1.5 GHz or greater


384 kbps or greater

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers


Internet Explorer




Windows XP

Versions 7**,8

Version 17

Version 23


Windows Vista

Versions 7**,8**,9,10

Version 17

Version 23


Windows 7

Versions 8,9,10

Version 17*

Version 23*


Windows 8

Version 10

Version 17*

Version 23*


Mac OS X 10.7




Versions 5.1**,6

Mac OS X 10.8




Version 6

* Only supported on 32 bit Windows installations
** Limited support

Browsers enabled with Flash

For additional info on Adobe Flash please visit Adobe website.


Note: Two different versions of Adobe Flash may be required if you wish to use two PC browsers (e.g. IE specific Flash and Flash for other browsers). For additional information please visit Adobe website.

If there are issues with Flash, please uninstall completely all Flash versions using the instructions posted at


Adobe Flash for Mac OS X can be downloaded at:

If there are issues with Flash, please uninstall completely all Flash versions using the instructions posted at

Requesting Access

All UTORecruit users require a user name and password to access candidate application materials.  If you require this information contact your Academic Search Administrator (e.g. Chair's assistant) to request access. 

You will be required to provide the following:

  • Official utoronto or affiliate email address (gmail, hotmail or similar non-institutional email addresses are not permitted).
  • Personnel number and UTORid (if you are not a University of Toronto employee these are not required).
  • For additional information about access contact

Please allow one business day for processing

Logging in to UTORecruit

UTORecruit can be found at:

Sign in with your user name and password

Sign in screen

All Search Committee accounts are active for one year.  You will see this message reminding you of the end date of your access.

search committee access reminder