Reference Letters

External letters of reference are separate from a candidate's application and cannot be uploaded directly to UTORecruit by referees.  Letters must be sent by email/mail and if desired, they can be uploaded to the candidate's application within UTORecruit by the Academic Search Administrator (ASA). 

It is strongly recommended that Search Committee Chairs determine a procedure for managing reference letters at the beginning of the search based on available resources, disciplinary practices and expected number of applications. 

For example, a search yielding under 20 applicants might make uploading all letters of reference to UTORecruit feasible, while a search with 200 applicants could involve the search committee creating a "long shortlist" and only uploading letters for those candidates for review.  You may also wish to keep reference letters outside the system and only upload the reference letters for shortlisted candidates who will be interviewed.

Uploading letters to UTORecruit is NOT required.  However, be mindful of the confidential nature of reference letters if they are to be distributed outside the UTORecruit system.  External cloud-based services such as Google Docs and Dropbox do not meet the University Information Security Guidelines.  If you require assistance with reference letters contact us.