Teaching Stream Appointments


The general procedures for search and hire as outlined above should be followed for all Lecturers and Senior Lecturers.  The ranks of Lecturer and Senior Lecturer are to be held by faculty members whose duties normally consist of teaching students.  Lecturers may have independent responsibility for designing and teaching courses or significant components of courses.  Where the position requires graduate teaching, an appointment to a University graduate department will also be made.  Lecturers and Senior Lecturers can hold both budgetary and non-budgetary cross-appointments as appropriate. 


Template Letter of Offer

Checklist for the Appointment of a Lecturer

Initial appointments should be at the rank of Lecturer, except in special circumstances and as outlined below.  Appointments are normally annual but may be for up to three years.  Appointments may be renewed, but no full-time Lecturer may serve at this rank for more than five years.  Notice of non-renewal must be given at least six months before the end of the contract.

The PPAA does not provide for a ‘three-year review’ for appointments at the rank of Lecturer (as it does for the appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor), yet provision of constructive feedback is essential for a lecturer working towards promotion.  Unit heads are encouraged to fully utilize the evaluation aspects inherent in the annual ‘progress-through-the-ranks’ process in order to provide lecturers with useful information for their professional development. 

No later than October of the fifth year (or earlier at the request of the Lecturer and with the permission of the Vice-President and Provost), a Lecturer’s performance will be reviewed and a recommendation made with respect to promotion to Senior Lecturer as of the following July (see: Promotion to Senior Lecturer).  A negative recommendation will result in no further contracts.

A lecturer may request that their review 'clock' is stopped in a similar manner to a faculty member in the tenure-stream.  Further details are available here.

"Limited Term" Lecturers

Template Letter of Offer

Checklist for the Appointment of a Lecturer

Although Lecturer appointments are, by their very nature, limited term, they are not considered ‘CLTA appointments’ because they are not made at professorial rank.  Nonetheless, similar requirements for searching and hiring apply.  That is, the procedures outlined in the section on Recruitment must be followed but appointments of less than three years do not require Provostial approval (as outlined here).  Copies of ALL letters of appointment must be provided to the Office of the Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life.

Please note that the five-year maximum applies to any appointments an individual may have as a lecturer at the University, not simply within the current hiring unit. 

Notice of non-renewal must be given at least six months before the end of the contract.  In the case where a limited-term lecturer is given a fifth annual contract, they must be reviewed for promotion to Senior Lecturer (which is a continuing appointment).

In instances where a Lecturer has taken a maternity leave within the contracted period of employment, please refer to the section on Contractually Limited Appointments and Maternity Leave.

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturers hold continuing appointments at the University which acts as ‘a safeguard for free enquiry and discussion, the exercise of critical capacities, honest judgment, and independent criticism of matters both outside and within the University’. 

The University’s guidelines on teaching evaluation can be found here.

If an initial appointment is to be made at the rank of Senior Lecturer, the candidate should undergo a promotional review at the time of appointment, in accordance with the divisional guidelines.  Performance is assessed on teaching effectiveness and pedagogical/professional development related to teaching duties in accordance with the division’s teaching assessment guidelines.  A positive recommendation requires the judgment of excellence in teaching and evidence of future pedagogical/professional development.  Recommendation for appointment at the rank of Senior Lecturer must be made by the Unit Head to the Dean in a multi-departmental division and requires the approval of the Vice President and Provost. 

While the review will be guided by the divisional guidelines, the following procedures are suggested by the Provost’s Office.

The candidate should prepare a dossier which includes:-

  • Up-to-date CV
  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Representative course outlines, bibliographies and assignments
  • Copies of student evaluations from current institution (if possible)
  • Details of awards or nominations for teaching awards
  • Evidence of professional contributions in the general area of teaching.

The Department should collect the following information:-

  • Three letters of assessment (one suggested by the candidate and two solicited by the Department).  At least one of these should be external to the University of Toronto or the division.
  • Letters from current and former students.

This information will be assembled and evaluated by a Teaching Evaluation Committee (and/or the search committee), which should normally include at least one Senior Lecturer and one tenured professor.  A report is issued which forms part of the appointment dossier and the recommendation for the appointment at the rank of Senior Lecturer to the Dean/Provost.