Viewing Candidate Applications

Locating candidates

Viewing application materials

Navigation in the candidate record

Locating applicants to your search

1. After logging in, go to the Job Openings box, locate the Requisition matching your search and click on the number hyperlink to access the candidate list.


2. Click on the name of the candidate in the list to view the application materials

click name of candidate

Viewing application materials

All materials submitted by the applicant are in the Attachment area including reference letters if these were uploaded by your search administrator.

  • In the top section called “Submission Specific Attachments" you will find materials relevant to your search. 
  • Click on the desired file under the Converted File heading to open and view the attached file in HTML format within your browser.
  • Documents in the Other Attachments section are not relevant to the candidate's application for this search.

Attachment area image


Navigation in the candidate record

To view materials for another candidate there are several options

There are 5 navigation buttons on the topright of the page to access other candidates in the requisition